We explore and optimise your future.

We are a Strategic Growth Partner delivering innovation driven by science and technology.

Fractional CxOs

We can become your fractional CIO or CTO.
We deliver C-level fractional services regarding corporate and government innovation, growth strategy, science, artificial intelligence (AI), strategic business analytics and technology in general.

Innovation Strategy

We design innovation strategies. We help you decide where and how to innovate across the three horizons of innovation.

We are also qualified to design and manage your innovation platform. We've worked with the best platforms in the world.

Product Design

By combining innovation and product development methodologies (e.g., lean start-up, design thinking, agile) with our entrepreneurial mindset, we can help you shaping your next generation of business models, products and services.

We are remote-first, but we have postal addresses :)

London, United Kingdom

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United Kingdom

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We are the Unsettled team

Hugo de Sousa is an innovation strategist with 20 years of experience in Consulting (Head of Innovation), Start-ups (Co-founder) and Government (CIO/CTO). He also regularly presents at reputable conferences (e.g., TedX) and venues. He lectures the module of Strategic Business Analytics at CASS Business School, City University of London.

His career deliverables include an impressive and diverse list of FTSE and high profile companies, consultancies and Public Service entities. Hugo holds Academic qualifications in Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Computer Science and Management. Hugo is the founder of www.theinnovation.cafe, a trailblazing community of 2k+ start-up and corporate innovators.

Developing socially conscious opportunities to creatively apply Sensory AI and more. Thinking as a data and information architect, engineer, scientist, and strategist towards efficient innovation.

A broad experience of 20 years coding search engines, information systems architecture, engineering databases, Cloud, Web, and mobile development integrations. Also, on robotics software on GPS-based navigation, live video human face detection, and IoT (mobile) sensors’ data acquisition. Bridging state-of-the-art algorithms and techniques during the Cognitive Science (AI + Psychology) PhD thesis research towards automated machine learning, explainable, and efficient predictions in context regarding human emotional valence changes.

Setup your own playlist. Starting at 1000 Euros per month.

Today you might need a Chief Innovation and tomorrow a Chief AI. You might need both at the same time. At Unsettled, we let you design your own playlist.

Our services start at 1000 Euros + VAT per month.

We're the people you hire and trust to get things done.

We are not the deck-throwing type of people. We discuss, co-create, and orchestrate!